Sponsorship and Partnership

CoinEasybuy is a multi vendor market place that accepts Abjcoin as a means of payment. Our sole aim is to revolutionize the E-Commerce industry by providing border-less  and seamless means of buying and selling  through cryptocurrency. We believe in Innovation and the relevance of the digital market place, We have studied market trends and believe that cryptocurrency is the future of Money, and we are strategically positioned to take the lead in this niche.

Therefore, CoinEasybuy as a company believes in growth and development  and is also open for partnership and sponsorship.Below are the list of sponsors we have and the role they play ;

    1. Vendors ; They are a part of the Supply chain. A network of individuals  and organizations involved in the creation and sales of a product, through to its eventual delivery to the end user. They facilitate management in their daily planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling the sales of products, while supporting staff in the performance of product movement.
    2. Cryptocurrency Company’s ; We look forward to partnering with more cryptocurrency companies to enable variety and wider acceptance since it is the only means of payment we accept,having a wider range of it will create a mutual benefit for us and the cryptocurrency company.
    3. Shipping Company’s ; One of our major goals is fast product delivery, Hence we have partnered with professionals in the freight industries to be able to deliver our products as at when due.We are also expanding in this field to include cargo airlines to help us achieve a border less and seamless service delivery. Hence we are also looking for more partners in this area.
    4. Coin Creators ; We believe that the cryptocurrency world is still growing and more innovations is yet to hit the market,Hence we are also open to partner with more coin creators to help us win the global market.
    5. Logistics ; One of the setbacks in the E -Commerce industry includes; misplaced products, products not as specified by the seller,lost in transit,and lots more. we are looking out to partner with  companies that have a technical know how on professional product logistics and handling.A company that will be detailed to check mate the aforementioned challenges.

We believe that we can make a formidable team with your expertise and cooperation.We are looking forward to having you join us make this venture a global brand.

For Partnership and sponsorship, Send us a proposal through partners@coineasybuy.com

For Advert placement, send a mail to promotions@coineasybuy.com